The Mood of our Moment: Grief and Trauma

September 23, 2020By Alan Roxburgh

What is going on? Over the past six months of listening to church leaders we’ve been asking questions like: What’s the mood among leaders just now? What do they need? How can we assist them? We’re learning some things in this unraveling of our time: We can’t assume we know where leaders are at and … Read More

Discipleship in our Moment: Connection

September 9, 2020By Alan Roxburgh

We’re feeling increasingly disconnected from one another as once normal ways of connecting are taken away from us. This struck me most clearly, as a profound introvert, when my wife Jane and I visited the Okanagan wine region of British Columbia several weeks ago. I know I should have known this but there was hardly … Read More

Discipleship in our Moment: Grief and Hope

September 8, 2020By Alan Roxburgh

One of the questions shaping this moment is about discipleship. What does it look like in a time of multiple crises? Over the coming months we want to talk together about this question in the Missional Commons. We’ll be doing this through a series of webinars, Facebook Live events and Intensives. Over this Labour Day … Read More

Postures and the Stories we Live In

July 8, 2020By Alan Roxburgh

Postures are demonstrated in how we show up. They give shape to the nature of the actions that we take. If practices are what we do, postures are the spirit in which we do what we do. The postures we take as leaders arise out of the stories we live in. If we don’t know … Read More

What’s Next? Leading Out of the Crisis

June 10, 2020By Alan Roxburgh

These are demanding days for us all. In conversations with leaders across North America it’s clear the Covid 19 crisis is fundamentally changing what it means to be communities of God’s people. It is challenging what it means for us to be leaders in this time. You’re wrestling with issues of how to manage the … Read More

Emmaus Road

April 15, 2020By Alan Roxburgh

Across social media, lots of us are trying to give some frame to this unexpected, out of our world experience of massive isolation brought on by the seriousness of this pandemic. We are all searching out images, metaphors, and narratives that will help us make sense not just of what is happening but where this … Read More

Congregations Joining God

November 23, 2018By Alan Roxburgh

I want to catch you up on some of the learning we’ve been doing around this journey of joining God. I am seeing a strong push by the Spirit for congregations to re-engage with the mission of God and reimagine church from the ground up. This is happening. I am greatly encouraged by the hope-filled … Read More