Christian Imagination

August 23, 2021By Alan Roxburgh

Roxburgh reflects on the moment we are in. In the midst of the exhaustion, heaviness and hopelessness (even in our churches), how can we see with the eyes of Christian imagination?

Leading Forward

August 23, 2021By Alan Roxburgh

Over these past months we’ve been travelling through strange landscapes with little time to stop to see where we were. What pundits predicted six, or even three months ago now seems hopelessly naive. We’re tired. Too often we feel confused around how to lead institutions that once worked but now seem unable to adapt to … Read More

Roots Resist

August 4, 2021By Alan Roxburgh

There are moments in our lives when we encounter people who, through a story they share or a picture they paint, reorient our sense of the world. Over these last five posts, I’ve shared how this experience came to me through four amazing women writers. Five years after writing Joining God (2015), I’d become less … Read More

Freed from Nationalism

August 3, 2021By Alan Roxburgh

Alan Roxburgh reflects on summer, the Olympics and Nationalism. He recommends some reading as we put Nationalism in its appropriate place. Recommended: From Rodney Clapp’s new Book Naming Neoliberalism, the Chapter “Freed from Nationalism and Freed for Catholicity”.