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The 5 Moves

Shaping congregational life around the mission of God is a journey. With decades of experience working with pastors and congregations, we continue to see how critical these 5 Moves are for churches learning to participate in God's mission.

1. Awareness

Become aware by uncovering the language, words and feelings that your people are using to express where you all are now.

2. Understanding

Understand where there is energy and hope and where there might be possibilities to shift what you are doing.

3. Evaluating

In light of your fresh understanding, evaluate what you are doing in your church and in the broader community.

4. Experimenting

Out of the work of evaluating, create simple experiments to respond to what Jesus is revealing to you.

5. Committing

Reflect on your new learning. Name and commit to new rhythms and practices.

Get started with the critical work of building Awareness.

Engage with practical grounded resources that provide you with a way forward.

Be resourced to step into critical leadership practices

Leaders orient people to God that they might join God in making things new where they live.

Grounding Decision Making in the Mission of God

Invite your leadership team to consider one of the ways in which Scripture gives us a model to ground how we make decisions together with this free video and discussion guide.


Leadership Team Assessment

Discover the assumptions that are driving your leadership team as you move towards responding to God in all that you do.