Leadership Grounded in God's Mission

Our vocation is forming a people who embrace and participate in God’s mission.


In the midst of massive change and disruption, Scripture gives us a model for a leadership that is grounded in God's mission. Three critical tasks for leadership are:

Orienting our people towards God

Getting clear on the story that this shaping us

Discovering God making things new in unexpected people and places

A Proposal for Leading God's People in Uncertain Times

There is a tension between what the Bible tells us about leadership in disruptive times and the expectations that leaders will fix the church or have a vision that will solve the problems. Our vocation is forming a people who embrace God’s mission. Scripture offers us a way of being God’s people in these disruptive times...


How to involve your Leadership Team

Church leadership teams have a critical role to play in seeing where God is at work and shaping congregational life around the mission of God. Here is how you can get started with your team now.

Grounding Decision-Making in the Mission of God

Leadership Team Discussion Guide

Invite your leadership team to consider one of the ways in which Scripture gives us a model to ground how we make decisions together. Use this free video and discussion guide to introduce biblical examples of how God is making things new in unexpected people and places. Consider together what this could mean for you as a leadership team.


Decision-Making Assessment

The ways we make decisions are complex. Whether or not your congregation is going through a season of change, it’s important to reflect on what is driving your planning and decision making. We bring assumptions to our decision-making processes that we usually take for granted and, therefore, aren’t always aware of them.

Get a picture of what’s driving your planning and decision making and consider some next steps for shaping your work in response to God’s invitation.


The Leadership Project

Starting January 2022

Join a group of fellow leaders and rediscover life and hope in your leadership.