Free Leadership Team Resource

Grounding Decision-Making in the Mission of God

Invite your leadership team to consider one of the ways in which Scripture gives us a model to ground how we make decisions together. Use this free video and discussion guide to introduce biblical examples of how God is making things new in unexpected people and places. Consider together what this could mean for you as a leadership team.

This resource includes:

Video with Alan Roxburgh

Discussion Questions

Recommended Next Steps


Discussion Guide

How to Use the Guide with your Team

This video and discussion guide can be used inside your usual rhythms for gathering as a leadership team. Your leadership team can be your staff, Board, Session, Elders, Council, Vestry, etc. Here is how you can use this with your team:

Schedule an hour during a regular leadership team meeting.

Watch the video together. 

Use the Discussion Questions to engage in conversation.

Consider a next step together.

What's Next

The ways we make decisions are complex. Whether or not your congregation is going through a season of change, it’s important to reflect on what is driving your planning and decision-making. We bring assumptions to our decision-making processes that we usually take for granted and, therefore, aren’t always aware of them.

Get a picture of what’s driving your planning and decision-making and consider some next steps for shaping your work in response to God’s invitation.