As followers of Jesus we belong in the one, true story that gives us hope. Right in the places where we live, God in Jesus is remaking the world. Our churches are called again to join the Spirit working out THIS story where we live.


What our Churches are Called to

God is at work

Competing stories of scarcity, survival or fear are not our story. Instead we are anchored by the Good News that God has raised Jesus from the dead and all creation is being made new. Our churches can step with confidence into the future the Spirit is fermenting.

Neighbourhood is the place

The Spirit is already at work in our neighbourhoods making all things new. Jesus is present in our churches and in our neighbourhoods. We are invited into God’s story right in the particular places we live. This is happening. God is making all things new and our churches can be active participants in this BIG story.

Churches are being called to something bigger

The hope and possibility of our churches today is in their being transformed so that they are joining God in making all things new. Our churches are critical to Jesus’ work and God faithfully continues to transform and birth a new future among God’s people for the sake of the world.

The Role of Leaders

Leaders orient people to God that they might join God in making things new where they live.

Because God is at work, a leader:

Frames Christian life around the acts of God in all our common life.
Models and helps their people step into habits and practices of seeing God at work.

Because the Spirit is making all things new in our neighbourhoods, a leader:

Walks with their people in discerning the Spirit working in our communities.
Nurtures a culture that anticipates possibilities to join God in our communities.

Because churches are being called to something bigger, a leader:

Shapes worship/liturgical life around Jesus’ mission in and for their communities.
Focuses primary energy around cultivating a new imagination for joining God’s big story rather than managing programs and strategies for maintenance.

Leadership Resources

Learn more about how you can engage with your leadership team and introduce a fresh approach to grounding all that you do in the mission of God.


The 5 Moves

How to shape Congregational Life around the Mission of God.

The 5 Moves are not linear steps that get you to a finish line; instead, they provide a pathway to discern and join with God. The 5 Moves guide you to step into a way of being God’s people responding to the Spirit’s prompting right where you are.