Empower, encourage and resource your people to discover the mission of God.

We have worked with congregations across North America that are re-engaging with the mission of God and reimagining church from the ground up.

These are some of the ways we support congregations in discovering the mission of God.

Workshops and Webinars

Congregation surveys and assessment tools

Joining God resources

Training for congregational leaders

Opportunities for multiple congregations to learn together

Coaching services

Ongoing resource development

We are hearing people in congregations ask questions like:
“Who are our neighbours?"
“What are their stories?"
“What might God be trying to tell us through the stories of people who might not be ‘one of us’?”

While many of the practices in joining with God in the neighbourhood seem simple, they are not.

This re-engagement with the mission of God calls for significant transformations in the habits of congregations.

There still is a wall between the life of church members together and the life of the neighbourhood. People struggle with how to build relational bridges between the two.

While congregations see God as the core of a congregation’s worship life, they don’t always see God as the primary shaper of life in the neighbourhood.

Resources for Congregations

We continue to distill all that we are learning from our work to shape resources for leaders and their congregations. If you are looking to move beyond business as usual in your congregation we recommend you look at one of our primary resources Stepping Out.