There is an inkling among many of us that there is much to be learned from the past number of months. Some of these lessons are wide and broad in scope. Others are very grounded, immediate and personal.

Considering the past few months in retrospect will give us some good clues to finding a way forward. What have we done well? What would we do differently if we could? How have our experiences given us insight into what it looks like to have God’s kingdom come near? Where have we seen the Spirit moving in ways that we didn’t expect?

The answers to these questions do not come from experts. They come from people’s lived experiences, everyday. It’s when we take time, together, to grapple with our reflections and wonder about what God is saying to us through our collective discernment that elements of a way forward will emerge.

What has been a meaningful, unexpected encounter that you have had outside your role, normal rhythms and relationships sometime in the last 4 months?

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