As we continue to adjust to the ongoing pandemic and experience further restrictions, or start to slowly open up, we are faced with many “to-do” lists. Items like determining building capacity while maintaining safe physical distance, arranging for additional cleaning services, communicating plans for re-opening all need to be attended to and checked off our lists. While all these things need to be done, there is more at stake than making sure operations can function appropriately.

We find ourselves in a disruptive space where our own ability to manage our way out of this strange time will not be sufficient. We are not in control of what is happening. There will be no “going back to normal”. Too much has changed already for that to be possible.

Setting aside the “to-do” lists is not an option. However, we also need to keep them in their place. This time is a wonderful opportunity to lean into what it means to be led by the Spirit. We don’t know what the future holds but we do know that God is a God of abundance. We know that the Spirit is among us, even in these days, giving shape to God’s hope-filled future. Discovering God’s future is about far more than working through our “to-do” lists.

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