Stepping Out: Module 1

Becoming a people of relationship rather than outcome

Module 1 assists people to take some simple steps in starting with how to build relationships with people rather than think in terms of needing to get something from people or giving something to them. Jesus spent the vast majority of his ministry being with people: sharing stories, building relationships and participating in daily living.

In this module, you will take some simple actions that help you to step into being with others and become people of relationship rather than outcomes.

Stepping Out begins with Module 1 and fits easily into the life and rhythms of your congregation.

  • Use it with any existing group in your congregation, virtually or in person. This could be a youth group, Bible study group, governing body, etc., or pull a new group together.
  • Gather regularly around group rhythms that make sense in your context.
  • Take a break as needed between modules according to the seasons and rhythms of church life.
  • Use more than once! Start new groups and share leadership with others after you complete your first experience.

What is Included

When you purchase Stepping Out: Module 1, you will receive all you need to get started. Here is what is included:

Starting Well Guide

Identify and form your group, understand your role as a leader and get ready to go

Module 1 Leader’s Guide

A step-by-step guide with instructions and insights for you to lead your group

Module 1 Handouts

Participant handouts and worksheets for each gathering and for the activities done in between gatherings

Additional Resources

Videos and additional resources to enhance learning


Dwelling in the Word Together booklet and guide

How it Works

Module 1 is shaped around 5 gatherings:

1. Getting Started

The group is introduced to Stepping Out and how they will work together.

2. Current community connections

Work through an exercise designed to help you talk about the ways you are already connected in your community.

3. "Being with" in our community

Explore some of the places you could go and just be present.

4. What are we beginning to discover?

Wonder together about how God is being revealed to you in the places where people gather.

5. What are we discovering about "being with"?

Continue to wonder together about how God is being revealed to you in the places where people gather and begin to reflect on what you are learning.

Each of these 5 gatherings are shaped by the following rhythms:

  • Bringing Scripture into everyday life with Dwelling in the Word
  • Listening and learning as you feedback on things you’ve done
  • Being equipped for new activities
  • Committing to activities together
  • Liturgy

Lord, you call your people to another way of being in the world,
to your way of loving, living and being with neighbours.

I embrace your example and call to be a person of relationship rather than outcomes.

Give me a mind transformed from needing relationships to have “purpose”,
and make me open to receiving the gift of presence from another.

- An excerpt from the Stepping Out: Module 1 Liturgy

Give me eyes that see those around me not as interruptions or problems to be solved,
but as those worthy of my time, love and friendship.

Gives me a heart transformed from needing to keep people at arm's length,
and make me open and willing to be shaped by others.

Lord, you call your people to another way of being in the world,
to your way of loving, living and being with neighbours.

Have a Look Inside

Leader's Guide

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Leader's Guide

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Participant's Handout

Example Exercise

Get Started

Get started with Stepping Out Module 1 now. Whether you are gathering virtually or in person, you can begin to step into some new ways of being with others and becoming a people of relationship rather than outcomes.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about how you can get started in your congregation or with a group of churches in your area.