Grief and Finding Hope

June 11, 2021By Alan Roxburgh

Alan reflects on recent events surrounding Canadian Residential schools and targeted shootings and asks, “Where do we look for hope?” He shares a story of a friend that gives us some clues about what this hope looks like.

My Granddaughter and Willie Jennings

June 4, 2021By Alan Roxburgh

Alan reflects on his own disturbance around growing anti-Asian hate and how he continues to be shaped by a new imagination. He recommends listening to this year’s Fuller Seminary Payton Lecture with Willie Jennings.

Anxiety and Proper Confidence

May 28, 2021By Alan Roxburgh

Alan responds to the growing anxiety he is seeing amongst clergy. There is an invitation to lay down these growing anxieties in a proper confidence that God is at work.

A New Normal

May 21, 2021By Alan Roxburgh

Alan Roxburgh reflects on going back to “normal”. He shares concerns and what might, in fact, be possible.