Stepping Out: Module 4

Discerning what the Spirit may be saying to us

Building on the work of Modules 1-3, Module 4 guides you to name some actions you can take together to continue to deepen your discernment of what God might be in and among your neighbours.

In this module, you will begin to identify some actions you will take so that you can test out how you think God might be at work in your neighbourhood. This is an opportunity for your experiences to deepen your understanding of what it looks like for your congregation to be embedded in your neighbourhood, joining with God, alongside others. 

What is Included

When you purchase Stepping Out Module 4, you will receive all you need to deepen and build upon your work from Modules 1-3. Here is what is included:

Module 4 Leader’s Guide

A step-by-step guide with instructions and insights for you to lead your group

Module 4 Handouts

Participant handouts and worksheets for each gathering and for the activities done in between gatherings

Additional Resources

Images and additional resources to enhance learning

Discernment without action is like creating an itinerary and packing a suitcase without even leaving on a trip.

Scott Hagley, Eat What is Set Before You

How it Works

Module 4 is shaped around 2 gatherings:

1. Naming actions

The group identifies some actions to take so that together you can discern how God might be at work in your neighbourhood.

2. Learning from action

The group brings together their work of discerning the movement of God and explores what's next.

Each of these 2 gatherings are shaped by the following rhythms:

  • Bringing Scripture into everyday life with Dwelling in the Word
  • Listening and learning as you feedback on things you’ve done
  • Being equipped for new activities
  • Committing to activities together
  • Liturgy

Get Started

Continue on with Stepping Out now and deepen your practices of listening together and becoming curious about what God is doing in the lives of people all around you.

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