We are leading in a space we've never been before.

And there is a way forward.

Alan Roxburgh
TMN Founder

We need to remake our lives as Christian communities for the sake of the world. We cannot turn in on ourselves and look for solutions to return us to success at the centre of culture. 
That world is gone. Another world is in its birth pangs. The Spirit is calling us to form communities that join the Spirit out ahead of us making all things new.

Way Forward

The way forward in disruption is to:

Ground yourself and others in God's story

Step into new skills and practices with companions

Put these skills into practice in your context


TMN continues to create opportunities for you to step into this way forward.

Join others in this primer on leading in a space we've never been before. Resources, facilitated cohort conversations and a way forward.


Join a cohort and be equipped to step into a different way of leading.


Join a cohort to help you form a community of faith joining Jesus in the neighbourhood.


Ground yourself in God's story and learn crucial skills and practices.