Listening Lab: Getting Started

A tool for church leadership teams to deepen their listening in the congregation and in the community and hear what the Spirit might be saying.


Move more towards shaping all that you do as a congregation around the mission of God.  Begin to uncover what God is already doing among you and around you. This Listening Lab is a tool to help you step back from trying to fix things and begin with listening in the congregation and in the community to hear what the Spirit might be saying to you.

Here’s a picture of how this tool works:

Who’s involved?

As the pastor, you will gather and facilitate a Listening Team in your congregation to conduct a series of listening interviews. This team will then engage the listening work and share that they have learned with your leadership team. You will be resourced throughout with the Listening Lab Leader Guide.

What comes next?

Your leadership team may be energized with a fresh understanding of what the Spirit is doing in your congregation and community. What does this tell you about where there might be possibilities to move more towards shaping congregational life around the mission of God? The Listening Lab Leader Guide includes recommended next steps and an invitation to move towards action with your team.


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