Congregational Life Team Package

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Resource for church leadership teams to consider how they may shape all that they do around the mission of God.

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Shaping your congregation’s life around the mission of God starts with your leadership team. The Congregational Life Team Package is a resource to help you work with your team to increase their awareness of how God’s mission informs and shapes your congregation’s life. Invite them to see what is possible. Create energy around what it might look like to take some steps together to shape your congregation’s life around the mission of God.

The Team Package

Get started with your leadership team. The CL Team Package includes:

Three Sessions

The CL Leader Guide resources you to take your leadership team through three interactive sessions that you can work into existing meetings. Working through each of the three sessions takes a maximum of 1 hour.

Who’s involved?

The CL Team Package is for you, as the pastor, to engage with your leadership team. You can use it with your staff, Board, Session, Elders, Council, Vestry, etc.

What comes next?

Your leadership team may be energized and curious about what’s next after conversations together about God’s mission and congregational life. How do you move your energy towards shaping what you do around the mission of God? The CL Leader Guide includes recommended next steps and an invitation to move towards action with your team.


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