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Joining God & Structured for Mission


20140729 0163_Graham Hill
Founder of The Global Church Project

Is Your Church Structured for Mission?

I grew up suspicious of structures. For me, institutions and organizations symbolized much that was wrong in the world. I could speculate why this was the case. I came from a working-class background that resisted authority. My early experiences of institutions convinced me that they were often oppressive. I viewed them as dictatorial and inflexible… Read More

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.27.01 PMJulianne Barlow
Assistant for Mission and Member of the Alberta Lutheran Synod

Endorsement for Joining God

There have been many books written or coauthored by Alan Roxburgh and at least one copy of most of them are on my shelf or desk. Many other copies have been shared with others and live in their homes or offices. So, yes, I guess I am a fan… Read More

Book Review for Structured for Mission

“What are the challenges we currently face for which we presently have no answer but must address if we’re to live into God’s future for us?” This question, posed several times in the book pushes us right into . . . well many things; perhaps anxiety, frustration, even fear and anger. We also may experience hope and anticipation for the future or maybe a bit of both. This adaptive question has challenged our denominational district as we wonder how to join in God’s work in our neighbourhood… Read More

1537513_10151936526068391_1818994271_oNick Warnes
Pastor of Northland Village Church and Founder of CYCLICALLA

In Joining God, Remaking the Church, Changing the World: The New Shape of the Church In Our Time, the church has a beneficial new resource for reimagining the everyday church in North America. The book is well-suited for introducing people to the larger missional conversation and provides a deep sense of wisdom from a seasoned author, Alan Roxburgh. As with Roxburgh’s previous books, he includes a healthy balance of both theory and practice, as he explains how to think and act as a Christian in today’s world… Read More


Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.25.13 PMJR Rozko
Co-Director of Missio Alliance

It’s been almost a year since I first read an early copy of Structured for Mission. When I finished reading it I offered the following line of endorsement, “For those of us seeking to lead organizations and networks in ways that open up space for the sake of developing a fresh imagination of how God is at work in our day, this is an invaluable resource!” My appreciation for the insights and perspectives that Roxburgh offers in this book has only increased and become more important for the initiative that I helped to create and currently direct, Missio Alliance… Read More

Jamie.headshotJamie Wilson
Pastor at Coast Vineyard Church

Last weekend, I found myself in an energetic conversation in the foyer of the mosque that meets next door to our church. My wife, a woman from our congregation, the Imam and I were discussing how to address human trafficking in our neighborhood with the leader of a regional task force on trafficking… Read More



Fitch01David Fitch
Professor at Northern Seminary

On the Notion of Joining God in the Neighbourhood

For thirty years (or more), missional thinker Alan Roxburgh has been challenging the N American church to move into the neighborhood. He has an extraordinary grasp of social systems, cultural dynamics, intellectual history and what is happening to us in the West. His newest book, Joining God, ReMaking Church, Changing the World, sums up some of his best insights in a small accessible user-friendly book for local church pastors… Read More

IMG_9274Christiana Rice
Neighborhood Practitioner, Storyteller, Missional Coach and Consultant with the Threshold Community

In a world wooing us to pursue our egocentric dreams and a church culture often bogged down with programmatic approaches to effective mission, Alan Roxburgh’s wisdom and teaching around the question, “Where is God at work out ahead of us?” realigns us with the heart of God and the activity of God’s spirit in our lives and in our neighborhoods… Read More


Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.52.20 AMDarren Cronshaw
Researcher (Baptist Union of Victoria &Whitney College University of Divinity), Pastor (AuburnLife Baptist Church), Professor (Australia College of Ministries) and Author

The Missio Dei (the mission of God) is the most profound theological rediscovery of the church in the twentieth century. It reminds us that God is a missionary God, and that the church’s involvement with mission is because God sends the church and invites the church to participate in God’s mission. God is already working in the world. But the tricky question is how do we discern where and how God is working so we can cooperate? This is the key question for a new process for launching leaders for community development and social entrepreneurship in my tribe of churches, the Baptist Union of Victoria (BUV), but what we need are tools and practices for exploring and experimenting…Read More

Dan 5 clipDan White Jr
V3 Church Planting Movement Developer and Coach, Cofounder of Axiom Church, Author and Speaker

Our mainstream culture is tempting us to construct the church off the draft of magnetic personalities and dynamic stage presentations. This seems to be the most obvious approach to attracting people to the church. Alan Roxburgh in Joining God, Remaking the Church, Changing the World flips this on its head. The church must re-imagine its presence in the world and more specifically in the neighborhood… Read More

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 1.39.29 PMAndrew Menzies
Principal Sterling Theological College, University of Divinity

Alan Roxburgh has been a well-known and respected author, missiologist, pastor and friend to many church and denominational leaders for a generation.  He has a wide international perspective and is across so much cultural and intellectual research, which has been followed and respected, across the West.  Importantly however, there is another dimension that Alan alerts us to – the leading of the Spirit.  While so many writers deconstruct, critique and tinker with technical details (that often bring secular consequences) Alan Roxburgh goes to the central issue of what is God up to in our changing world?… Read More

AG.photo4Angela Gorrell
Adjunct Faculty, Researcher at Fuller & McCormick Theological Seminaries & the new Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer for Yale Divinity School

In Joining God, Remaking Church, Changing the World, Alan J. Roxburgh invites congregations on a different kind of journey. This journey involves releasing the desire to fix the church and embracing the practice of discerning what God is doing ahead of us in our neighborhoods and communities. For Roxburgh, this journey demands a shift from church-centered questions to God-centered questions. Roxburgh provides hope for weary congregations and leaders by inviting churches to learn a new rhythm for congregational life. This rhythm includes a body of practices (e.g. listening, discerning, experimenting) that will nurture a new imagination into churches and help congregations to focus on God’s activity and being with others… Read More

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 9.01.31 AMStan Wilson
Pastor Northside Baptist Church (Clinton, MI) and Coordinator for Ekklecia Project

Reading Roxburgh After Pentecost

Pentecost begins only after eager, well-meaning disciples have torn up strategic plans for restoring the kingdom to Israel. Pentecost is also about timid disciples being led to dream about a kingdom more visionary than they ever imagined. Alan Roxburgh is a good companion for Pentecost because he exemplifies both the tearing up of strategic plans and the following of the lively Spirit. For decades Roxburgh has been insisting that our churches walk away from our strategic plans for greatness. He’s been on the ground in hundreds of churches… Read More

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