MBiN Facebook 160x160There is a growing movement of congregations across North America who believe God is calling them into fresh expressions of mission and ministry in their neighborhoods and communities. This movement is energized by the conviction that the Spirit of God is still at work in the world and the times of discouragement are passing. The Spirit invites us into the dawn of a new day for local churches.

God is up to something out ahead of us in our neighborhoods and communities.

MBiN is a workshop that brings a message of hope to congregations and their leaders. It takes participants on a journey to explore what God is already doing in their neighborhoods by learning how to listen to God through one another, giving context to what type of church they are, providing direction on how to go on the journey as a church and suggesting some next steps to consider.

MBiN gives congregations the encouragement, vision, frameworks and tools to reengage their neighborhoods in living the Gospel.

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This interactive workshop is for members of congregations, lay leadership and clergy.

Participants are equipped with hands-on tools to begin a journey of mission in their neighborhoods.  At the end of the workshop congregations will have:

  • Frameworks, stories and resources for beginning to create new, fresh expressions of mission for their congregation.
  • Resources for creating simple experiments in engaging with their communities
  • Emerging vision of where and how God is already at work in their neighborhoods
  • Encouragement and curiosity about what might be possible in their congregation
  • Connections with other congregations joining in this journey

Contact us to learn more about hosting an MBiN or about workshops taking place near you. Cameron Brate Authentic Jersey