Going local: Joining God in changing the world

TMN was formed out of a great passion to support and empower God’s people to participate in God’s mission in their local communities.

Shaped initially out of the writings and work of Alan Roxburgh, and the generative work of Allelon, a team begin to emerge that included Craig Van Gelder, John McLaverty, Mark Lau Branson and others.  TMN’s team has now grown to include a diverse group of women and men with extensive and rich experience working with church systems, local leaders and congregations wrestling with how they engage the challenges and opportunities of being God’s people on mission in their local contexts.

TMN cultivates safe spaces for God’s people to address risky challenges as they engage in a Spirit-led journey of discernment – to join with God at work in the world.  Shaped by the conviction that the Spirit is disrupting and disorienting established patterns of church life, TMN provides networking, learning, coaching, consulting and resourcing to partner with both existing and emerging forms of church to fundamentally re-orient the praxis of Christian communities for the sake of the Gospel and the transformation of God’s world.

  • We believe that God is abundantly and prolifically out ahead of us in our neighbourhoods and communities. We are prejudiced to a hopeful future already present in God’s people.
  • We believe that we have only scratched the surface in terms of learning and listening to the ways in which the Spirit of God is reshaping and reorienting local ministry and mission.
  • We believe that we need each other.  We need to learn from one another, to hear each other’s stories and to discern together in this journey.
  • We believe that asking the right kinds of questions is crucial – starting from “God” questions rather than “church” questions.
  • We believe that this is the work of all of God’s people.  Church leaders have a critical role to play in creating environments for followers of Jesus to join with God’s at work in their local communities.  Both regional and denominational leaders also have a critical role in leading and supporting this journey and creating a culture that nourishes this work of discernment, experimentation, learning and engagement with God at work in their neighbourhoods.

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