Moving Back into the Neighborhood

Do you want to know where to find Jesus today?  Have you ever wondered how to go about figuring out what God is up to in the world?  Are you wondering about how to shape local churches that aren't boring or merely a poor substitute for the self-help programs on TV?  The response to each is the same: join with Jesus and move back into the neighborhood becuase that's where we'll connect with what God is up to.

Mission-shaped life in local churches is about moving back into the neighborhood and connecting again with the places and people where we live and work. If we are to take Luke 10: 1-12 seriously then we need to learn the skills of entering and dwelling in and among the people of the neighborhoods where we live and work.


MBiN Workbook

Designed for churches to re-engage and re-enter their local neighborhoods and communities. This detailed step-by-step action learning guide includes;

  • small group reflections
  • meeting agendas
  • coaching tips
  • practical action steps
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MBiN Workshop

Designed for local churches and denominational groups to discover what God might be up to in their neighborhoods and plan for ways of joining with God there.

  • Easy to understand concepts and tools for this journey back into the neighborhood.
  • Resources for biblical reflection and spiritual practices.
  • Led by experienced practitioners and TMN Coaches.

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