Pastor/Leader 360

Pastor/Leader 360

Local church leaders know we are all in the midst of transformations profoundly affecting the nature of church life and its leadership.  They need two things:

  1. New skills and competencies to lead their people in the midst of these changes,
  2. To know how and where to start.

The Pastor/Leader 360 provides church leaders with a process of identifying those capacities and the right places to start in their church.

After your purchase we will send you a unique survey url and instructions on how to proceed within 2 business days.

$ 449.00

Type: Online 360 Survey Instrument

Length: Final Report: 55+ Pages

Delivery: A unique survey link and detailed instructions are emailed within 2 business days. The final Report is emailed as a pdf.

Your Options:

* Coaching

 Base Rate: Includes 1 hour of coaching to begin the process of interpretation
 Additional Coaching: Includes 3 hours of coaching and Action Planning (+$ 300.00)

* Language


Pastor/Leader 360

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