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TMN has two downloadable workbooks that are designed to support a local congregations journey of joining God in the neighborhood.  They provide a starting point for conversations, practice and learning as people experiment and discover together how they can join with God in their local contexts and practice hospitality.

Moving Back into the Neighborhood Workbook


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The MBiN Workbook is a guide to re-engaging and re-entering our local neighborhoods and communities as the shapers of God’s new world.  It is designed to present the frameworks, skills and hands-on-work needed to reengage one’s own community in a step by step action learning guide. It includes meeting guides, resources, exercises and the following action learning process:

  1. Why Moving Back into the Neighborhood?
  2. Preparing
  3. Action Steps
    1. Reading your Neighborhood
    2. The Gospel and your Neighborhood
    3. Mapping your Neighborhood
    4. Attending to Stories
    5. Discernment
    6. Experimenting
  4. Communication & Next Steps

Practicing Hospitality Study Guide


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We are witnessing the early days of a movement of God’s people that has begun to spring up in many places shaped by a growing recognition that welcoming the stranger and practicing hospitality are core practices of Christian life.

This is also how we understand the inter-relationality of the Trinity. For Christians, God is the one who welcomes us to the table, welcomes us as strangers to the food and community of the Trinity. Hospitality is at the core of Christian identity and practice. It is one of our primary witnesses to our life together in Christ.

TMN has developed a study guide written with the conviction that one of the most important habits (the traditional Christian language for this is practices) we need to rediscover in our strange, bewildering, networked world is that of hospitality.

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