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Church Systems

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We believe that God is at work in the world and that congregations have a future.  Executive leaders have an important role and calling in moving from being regulatory agencies to supporting, championing and actioning real change and engagement in their systems. This is hard work!  It requires robust theological reflection and engagement in the … Read More

Eyes Open

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“What’s the most interesting and the most challenging thing you’ve discovered so far?” The answer surprised me: “The most interesting thing is that it’s vague,” he replied. “It’s also the most challenging.” I must admit, I wasn’t expecting that answer. I don’t think I’ve ever heard “vague” and “interesting” in the same sentence before. This … Read More

Vocation: A Call from the Outside

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Josh Smith, a pastor from California, tells some of the story of the church plant he has been involved in in Monrovia, CA. Josh reflects on the importance of being called forth, that vocation is not something from the inside, but is the Spirit calling us from and into the local. Craig Hartsburg Womens Jersey