Stan Wilson Reviews

June 9, 2016By Sara Jane WalkerUncategorized

Reading Roxburgh after Pentecost Pentecost begins only after eager, well-meaning disciples have torn up strategic plans for restoring the kingdom to Israel. Pentecost is also about timid disciples being led to dream about a kingdom more visionary than they ever imagined. Alan Roxburgh is a good companion for Pentecost because he exemplifies both the tearing … Read More

Darren Cronshaw Reviews

March 14, 2016By Sara Jane WalkerUncategorized

The Missio Dei (the mission of God) is the most profound theological rediscovery of the church in the twentieth century. It reminds us that God is a missionary God, and that the church’s involvement with mission is because God sends the church and invites the church to participate in God’s mission. God is already working … Read More

Angela Gorrell Reviews

March 10, 2016By Sara Jane WalkerUncategorized

In Joining God, Remaking Church, Changing the World, Alan J. Roxburgh invites congregations on a different kind of journey. This journey involves releasing the desire to fix the church and embracing the practice of discerning what God is doing ahead of us in our neighborhoods and communities. For Roxburgh, this journey demands a shift from … Read More

Andrew Menzies Endorses

March 10, 2016By Sara Jane WalkerUncategorized

Alan Roxburgh has been a well-known and respected author, missiologist, pastor and friend to many church and denominational leaders for a generation.  He has a wide international perspective and is across so much cultural and intellectual research, which has been followed and respected, across the West.  Importantly however, there is another dimension that Alan alerts … Read More

Dan White Jr Endorses

March 10, 2016By Sara Jane WalkerUncategorized

Our mainstream culture is tempting us to construct the church off the draft of magnetic personalities and dynamic stage presentations. This seems to be the most obvious approach to attracting people to the church. Alan Roxburgh in Joining God, Remaking the Church, and, Changing the World flips this on its head. The church must re-imagine its … Read More

Christiana Rice Endorses

February 16, 2016By Sara Jane WalkerUncategorized

In a world wooing us to pursue our egocentric dreams and a church culture often bogged down with programmatic approaches to effective mission, Alan Roxburgh’s wisdom and teaching around the question, “Where is God at work out ahead of us?” realigns us with the heart of God and the activity of God’s spirit in our … Read More

David Fitch Reviews

February 12, 2016By Sara Jane WalkerUncategorized

On the Notion of Joining God in the Neighbourhood For thirty years (or more), missional thinker Alan Roxburgh has been challenging the N American church to move into the neighborhood. He has an extraordinary grasp of social systems, cultural dynamics, intellectual history and what is happening to us in the West. His newest book, Joining … Read More

Jamie Wilson Reviews

February 9, 2016By Sara Jane WalkerUncategorized

Last weekend, I found myself in an energetic conversation in the foyer of the mosque that meets next door to our church.  My wife, a woman from our congregation, the Imam and I were discussing how to address human trafficking in our neighborhood with the leader of a regional task force on trafficking.  As I … Read More

JR Rozko Endorses

February 9, 2016By Sara Jane WalkerUncategorized

It’s been almost a year since I first read an early copy of Structured for Mission. When I finished reading it I offered the following line of endorsement, “For those of us seeking to lead organizations and networks in ways that open up space for the sake of developing a fresh imagination of how God … Read More