5 Steps to Go Local

October 28, 2014By Sara Jane WalkerUncategorized

5 Steps to Going Local  TMN is currently working with a number of judicatories (Lutherans, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Baptists, etc.) across North America in this system wide engagement. The 5 Steps to Going Local involves clergy, congregations and regional staff working together over an 18-month period in complementary processes of transformation to reengage the call of … Read More

Energiewende: A Future for Denominations

October 14, 2014By Sara Jane WalkerUncategorized

The Great Unraveling We live in a time of huge change and contested stories. It is a time when even the most basic, taken-for-granted systems of organization seem to be dissolving. All of this is particularly true for those Protestant denominations into which many of us were born and to which many of those reading … Read More