The Air is Changing

The air has changed! It just happened this morning. An hour earlier the humidity with all its promised of another 90 degree day hung in the early morning, then, it all changed. Almost immediately there was this sense of anticipation and thankfulness – that West coast feeling there was rain in the air after more than six weeks of no rain.

I write this with the awareness that many of you as church leaders and executives are preparing to return to your contexts and starting to reflect again about what it will be like to start another ‘year’. I have the privilege of talking with many of you on a regular basis through the work of TMN. In these conversation I have felt the wrestling going on across so many of your denominational and congregational systems as you seek to make sense of a massively shifted world and the challenges of leadership few of us could have imagined a decade ago.

It's a tough time to be a leader in congregations and across denominational systems.

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Western culture is passing through a period of rapid, discontinuous change, but little has been offered to church leaders in terms of frameworks and resources to understand and lead church systems through this change.

The coursework in the Missional Church Leadership Cohort track provides a framework for understanding the nature and effects of this change in relationship to ecclesiology. It also functions as a learning community that works with students to clarify their understanding of leadership contexts and challenges and to improve competencies. Learn More

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